Tadiran Telecom Aeonix - Case Study

Aeonix Dispatch Console (ADC), a web client for the Aeonix which allows the end user to control attached VOIP devices from within the application. The ADC recieves presence information and telephony events from the Aeonix using the CSTA standard.

The Client

For almost 50 years now Tadiran has been serving businesses of all sizes, including some of the world's largest companies and organizations in various market segments across 41 countries worldwide. Featuring a comprehensive family of products including IP PBXs, Softswitches, Contact Centers, and Business phones.

User Interface

This HTML5 interface is designed to imitate the usability of the hardware phones while adding functionality and new features. Many user actions demand a minimalist user interface, without effects such as drop shadows, emboss, patterns.

User Experience

Aeonix software combines many data layers and busy user interface actions. Associating color to actions and categories is especially effective in multimodal buttons interfaces. Focused action bar and the ability to set a custom color scheme makes the learning curve very short, and helps the user to be effective and do its job properly.

The Need

Offering a state of the art communications system, enabling customers, in control room environments, to direct their response teams swiftly and accurately. The revolutionary touchscreen interface, with desktop and tablet compatibility, streamlines the response process. This functionality has the potential to save lives in cases where the intervention of emergency teams is required. It will also improve the efficiency of transportation, delivery services and utility providers.

The Challenge

Transforming a well known legacy telephony system to a modern software only solution which should run across many platforms and be used by the users of the old system.


GWT, HTML5 & JavaScript, HTTPS SOAP based communication, CSTA, Java Backend.