Playcast - Case Study

Gamepad controller & a mobile games machine.

The Client

Playcast Media Systems is a cloud gaming service. It is among the first gaming-on-demand technology services for Cable and IPTV in the world and has partnerships with some of the largest video game publishers in the world, including: Activision, Atari, Disney, Capcom, Codemasters and THQ.

User Interface

Playcast solution requires a layer of game action buttons. The interface must be very generic and hence the choice of interface and minimalistic transparent buttons. The interface includes shades and emboss in order to slightly highlight the button and make it look clickable.

User Experience

As technology advances, graphics and gameplay became more complex and become an important part of the overall user experience of the game. Transparent graphical interface continues this way and optimally deals with all the background which comes beneath it. Arcade style GUI design gives the player the gaming feeling in a fun and familiar environment.

The Need

Offering many new and retro games for their customers, making them available on every posible screen be it TV, PC, Smartphone or Tablet. The mobile application makes it posible to either play on the device itself, or use it as a gamepad when playing on a large screen (TV, PC).

The Challenge

Create a GUI layer that will integrate perfectly with a variety of On-Demand-Gaming streaming broadcast.


Android. Gyroscope. NDK. Video Stream.