Pelephone Musix - Case Study

Over a million songs in a variety of genres, Israeli and foreign. Listen without limitation. Available for Desktop and Mobile.

The Client

Pelephone is a leading Israeli based telecommunication services provider. Pelephone provides a broad range of high-standard services to over 2.5 million cellular customers, representing a market share of approximately 20%.

User Interface

Windows Phone 8, and it's innovative tile interface, fitted naturally to this service, streaming music, Search and browse libraries of music content including arts albums, playlists and informative information. Separating Joyful color in between positive and negative, created a sharp division between the two main areas of this application, and has led to an interface which is happy, colorful, rich with pictures and simple to navigate, which meets the needs of the brand and service.

User Experience

In a Music Voice application, user experience must have a young, fresh, fluid fun dimension. The user interface we designed, in combination with WP8 excellent Gestures, defines the optimal user experience which matches our customer demands.

The Need

As Pelephone started selling the first Windows Phone devices it was obvious they would also release their most successful app - "Musix" (which was already available for iOS & Android) to WP.

The Challenge

As this product already existed in both iOS and Android we had to port the existing UI and flow to match Windows Mobile strict UI guidelines. Every control and screen had to be carefully ported/adjusted to the slim look & feel Microsoft introduced in WP without damaging the familiar flow customers were used to from iOS and Android.


.Net, XAML, HTTP with XML response