Orange NFC - Case Study

NFC tasks application. This application is distributed with every new NFC capable Android device from Orange. It comes with a branded set of NFC stickers that the app can read and write.

The Client

Orange is a leading Israeli provider of telecommunications services (cellular, fixed-line telephony and internet services). Orange provides a broad range of high-standard services to over 3 million cellular customers, representing a market share of approximately 32%.

User Interface

The essence of NFC technology (near field communication) is creating and defining specific actions between devices in close proximity. The designed interface of this application allows users to manipulate the settings of each tag, separately. Large buttons, short and readable texts and icons, have merged into a daily management application which is easy to understand and exudes restraint and rigor. As appropriate to a global brand such as Orange, the interface was designed according to the its accurate style guide.

User Experience

New technology is received in a certain suspicion by the common consumer. Alongside of the enthusiasm there is the fear of long learning and adaptation required. As part of this insight, the app has been designed to include an effective tutorial, minimum flow, large buttons and pleasing graphic language.

The Need

Setting a set of actions to be applied on the phone with just a small tap with the phone of the NFC sticker. Using advanced protocol, all the phone's settings could be burned to a 128 byte sticker. Setup an alarm, open a when page, change WiFi & Bluetooth settings, set reminders and much more.

The Challenge

Plan and design an NFC based application. NFC technology has an important daily need by the consumer, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Mobile Payment and more.


Android. Bitwise communication protocol. Near Field Communication (NFC/RFID).