Deutsche Telekom UrDoc - Case Study

Online eHealth appointments system. The application is used to provide healthcare services based on smart search preferences.

The Client

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecommunications and information technology service companies with over 200 million customers worldwide.

User Interface

Innovative application that includes: registration wizard, search, mapping, navigation and information management and therefore requires advanced interface design which includes the use of a vertical 'accordion' for multi-step processes, which displays as an action bar and includes different icons in different status, simple main navigation which is opened by dragging from bottom down and the use of high contrast color scale for daylight display.

User Experience

Mature target audience and multi screens flow, requires a special emphasis on usability and simplicity of navigation, readable and fast, in order to avoid user questions such as "Where am I? / what to do now?". By simple using of tutorial, large headlines with a visual feature set (layout) and vertical innovative content that meets the need - it optimally performs address search and sets doctors Appointments.

The Need

Searching and setting-up appointments to various health services based on smart search prefrences as: Location, Favorite Doctors, Recent. The appointments will automatically be added to the user's calendar and a smart notifications service will alert should any change occurs.

The Challenge

Accessibility to Search and Appointments service of doctors in your area, quickly and easily without the need of human response, combining interface and impressive, innovative sight, which helps marketing and high quality German product, meticulous and uncompromising, as appropriate for a large and respected global corporation as Deutsche Telekom.


Android, GCM, HTTPS JSON based communication.