Breeze - Case Study

Secure, automated and seamless backup service for media files from all mobile devices.

The Client

Breeze is known for its ability to utilize technology in order to make their consumers' digital life easier and safer with simple, secure and useful applications.

User Interface

Breeze provides wireless backup service based on new technology. therefore, clean, modern look reflects credibility and simplicity. The use of orange, gray and white combined with blurred modular views, demonstrates innovation and security.

User Experience

As a utility app, user's learning curve should be very short, and should provide a simple user experience and innovation one hand on the other. Placing user's device on center illustrates location between surrounding devices.

The Need

In this increasingly digital world, most of us keep hundreds, if not thousands, of media files on our mobile devices. Breeze is targeting the primarily 35+ years old “Second Wave Adopters” which are not tech-savvies in order to help them to take control over their images and videos.

The Challenge

Taking a very complicated concept and make it very easy to use.


iOS. Android. Windows.